LOCAL course commendations and reviews


“We at the Alliance are very aware that many church leaders up and down the country are scratching their heads about how to respond pastorally and biblically to those experiencing same-sex attraction. I’m so grateful for Living Out’s heart for seeing the Church respond with grace and truth to the lives, experiences and stories of these brothers and sisters in Christ. The LOCAL course is an excellent way to engage and wrestle with the issues, and then to provide church leaders with the practical tools they need to go back to their congregations.”   

Steve Clifford, General Director, Evangelical Alliance

"I found this to be a very helpful, positive and challenging course from the Living Out team, combining informed and careful Biblical teaching with the tools to help church leaders better equip their churches in exercising the gift of true welcome and hospitality for all."

Rev Dr Emma Ineson, Principal, Trinity College Bristol 

“I would urge church leaders who don’t know where to start on the issue of engaging with people experiencing same-sex attraction to book onto the LOCAL course today. This unique course will provide a safe space to ask those questions, to learn from others and be better equipped – pastorally and biblically – to respond.”

Yemi Adedeji, Director, One People Commission 

"The issue of sexuality is unavoidable in contemporary Britain. Specifically, the issues around same sex attraction need to be handled with a combination of warm sensitivity anchored to clear biblical values. The LOCAL course provides skills, wisdom and insight for leaders as they try to care for their congregations and communities. I thoroughly recommend it as a much needed resource for local churches and Christian agencies."

Stephen Gaukroger, Director, Clarion Trust International

"We had a wonderful day yesterday with the Living Out team at the LOCAL course in Cambridge - over 150 folk! - and deeply appreciated by all I spoke to including many from my team at Eden. It reminded me what a brave and useful thing you guys have done in launching and running Living Out and how much we all owe you for it." 

Julian Hardyman, Senior Pastor, Eden Baptist Church and FIEC Trustee

Participants' feedback form comments

“Fantastic day…Thank you,"

"Great to hear from those that have walked the walk and are working at their salvation”, 

“There was good pace and balance through a very useful day”, 

”Superb training day that far exceeded my expectations”, 

"It has been EXCELLENT. Thank you", 

"[Most helpful were] The honest and open explanation from those living with same sex attraction in a church context. It is really helpful to hear what is helpful and supportive for someone living to honour God." 

"Your whole approach. Sound on the Bible but also personal testimonies and nuanced approach was very helpful. Your willingness to be vulnerable and your authenticity." 

"Superb foundation for helping church leaders pastor people who are Same Sex Attracted and equipping the church to do so too".

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