Word Alive 2018

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Come to one of our conferences in London with Tim and Kathy Keller, for further details and to book follow the link:

Identity in Christ – Thursday 21 June

Aimed at all types of Church leaders but suitable for anyone who wants to build firm foundations in a fluid world.


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Finding Intimacy – Saturday 23 June

A day of encouragement for for Christians who experience same-sex temptations along with their friends, family, church leaders and youth workers.


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If you missed it in the programme here is some information about Living Out and our plans:

Living Out is UK charity that exists to encourage Christians who experience same-sex attraction, equip churches to care for them better, and evangelise the wider world with the better story the Bible tells us about sex and relationships. Since our launch in 2013 www.livingout.org has received millions of visitors from around the world, hundreds of UK church leaders have received training on our LOCAL Course, and recent media appearances have seen our stories shared on BBC television and radio. This June we’re hosting a major event for church leaders in London with Tim and Kathy Keller on Identity in Christ and another conference for believers who experience same-sex attraction – in partnership with the True Freedom Trust.

We passionately believe that God’s Word is good for all when it says that sex is for marriage, and that marriage is the lifelong union in difference of a man and a woman. But we know this message has left many feeling that we are excluding our LGBT+ neighbours from experiencing lasting intimacy and life to the full with Jesus. We’re doing all that we can to point people to the deep intimacy that is possible without sex and how the celibate Jesus models life to the full for those unable to marry. Books and articles written by our trustees – Sam Allberry, Sean Doherty and Ed Shaw – share their own personal experiences alongside biblical teaching and short films on our website record the experiences of other same-sex attracted women and men who are evangelical Christians.

We are increasingly aware of the need for a suite of resources aimed at helping younger generations as they grow up in a world where the Bible’s story on sex and relationships is ignored or ridiculed. We are seeking funding for the human resources to develop teaching material for youth groups, training for youth workers, short animated films that can be shared on social media, and guidance for parents as they seek to bring their children up within the Bible’s better story. We’re thrilled at the potential of prayerful support for all of this from our friends at Word Alive.