Who supports us

Some expressions of support we have received:

"This website is honest, courageous, clear, thoughtful, and richly filled with the grace of the Lord Jesus. I commend it warmly."

Christopher Ash, Author of Married for God

"In a world and church in which there is so much confusion about human sexuality, it is wonderful to see the emergence of the Living Out website. I am sure it will prove an immensely valuable resource for individuals and churches as we support one another in the pursuit of Christ-honouring holiness." 

Simon Austen, Rector, St. Leonard’s Church, Exeter

"The Living Out website presents the stories of everyday Christians, who recognise their enduring same-sex temptations, but who hold fast to a greater hope and a greater authority in the person of Jesus Christ."

Stuart Parker, Director of True Freedom Trust

Living Out is the pastoral resource the Church has been waiting for.” 

Jonathan Clark, Senior Pastor, Saint Michaels, Paris

“Open, honest and humbling, Living Out is a wonderful window into the lives of some amazing people who live with same-sex attraction while remaining faithful to their Christian convictions.”

Steve Clifford, General Director, Evangelical Alliance

"Whenever Christians become open and honest about the real-life issues of learning to live according to the Maker’s instructions they create the sort of compassionate, non-judgemental and mutually supportive community that God always intended his church to be. The contributors to this website, and those who have courageously told their own stories understand that; we thoroughly recommend it to church leaders and members alike, as we all respond to the sexual revolution going on in our society."

John & Anne Coles, New Wine

""Living Out is a fresh voice in the Church’s discussions about human sexuality. I welcome the personal stories on this website and the wisdom they represent, responding to Jesus’ call to holiness."

Rt Revd Tim DakinBishop of Winchester

"I warmly commend the website Living Out as a helpful resource for understanding same-sex attraction and the teaching of the Bible. For many Christians who experience same-sex attraction and are not sure how to respond in a godly manner, here is a website that understands your temptations and knows how to speak into your world. By including stories from those who share the same struggles, providing answers to your questions and recommending  a wealth of resources on the topic of same-sex attraction, I believe this website will become an invaluable resource, not only for those who experience same-sex attraction, but any who wish to gain a greater appreciation of the Bible's teaching on this important topic. 

Glenn N DaviesArchbishop of Sydney 

"I am impressed by the integrity with which these men and women have wrestled with such deep life issues and applaud their sacrificial commitment to living biblically."

Revd John Dunnett, Chair, Evangelical Group General Synod

"There is an authenticity about Living Out which will make it a great resource and catalyst for discussion amongst youth leaders and young people."

Ali Etheridge, Director of SoulNet

"I am excited by this new resource for the church. Ours is a call to love as radical disciples, living as those created in the image of God. This site, these honest vital stories, teach us something more of what that looks like for us as Jesus' followers in the 21st Century."

Revd Lis Goddard, Chair of AWESOME

"I have great respect for those who choose to live according to the teaching of the Bible and especially when that involves considerable sacrifice. This website tells their story and provides an invaluable resource for the many in our society who are unclear about God's teaching in the area of human sexuality. Please explore the site!"

Rt Revd Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn

This website gives Christians who maintain an authentic, biblically-based approach to same-sex attraction a welcome opportunity to tell their stories of God's grace as they seek to live out their faith with integrity."

Revd Dr David Hilborn, Principal, St. John's School for Mission, Nottingham


"This is how the church will develop a more compassionate pastoral approach — by listening to stories of 'its own,' real people with same-sex attraction who are already Christians. I recommend this site!"

Wesley Hill, Author of Washed & Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality

“I warmly commend this wonderful website. The stories are honest, inspiring and life-affirming. The resources are helpful for all those wanting to think more deeply and more Biblically about important issues of sexuality.”

Revd Dr Emma Ineson, Principal, Trinity College, Bristol 

“Ironically, we live in a time in which it takes more courage for people to take this position publicly than to embrace homosexual practice as compatible with Christianity. But the people whose stories are on this site are not experiencing their lives as impoverished or sub-human. Their commitment to chastity within the lives God has given them is one of finding fulfilment and identity in their relationship to Christ. They show that the biblical view of homosexuality makes great sense and is even liberating when viewed from within joyful belief of the gospel story.”

Timothy Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York

"Living Out is a tremendous resource—full of biblical insight, pastoral wisdom, cultural awareness, and personal honesty. The contributors are open about their struggles with same-sex attraction, and are models of maturity and godliness. We at CPT have high hopes that Living Out will help many others, whether same-sex attracted or not, to follow them as they follow Christ."

Matthew Mason, Center for Pastor Theologians 

"Our Lord Jesus is, the Bible tells us, full of grace and truth. Those who follow him must also reflect his gospel truth and his gospel grace. Living Out provides a point of view of those seeking truth and grace in challenging times. These resources are anchored to biblical conviction, unwilling to be tossed around by the winds of cultural change. They are also full of mercy, offering God's grace as well as practical wisdom for those struggling to follow Christ."

Russell MoorePresident, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention 

"It will be really helpful for many people to listen to the stories here and consider this contemporary take on some timeless Christian values."

Jane Morris, Vicar, St Gabriel’s Cricklewood and Member of General Synod

"Living Out beautifully demonstrates through personal stories what we believe as Christians – that all human life is precious and equal.  We are not defined by our sexual orientation or activity but by the reality that each of us is created in the image of a loving God."

Amy Orr-EwingUK Director, Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics 

"This website is a fantastic resource for the Church as a whole to help think through the key issues of same-sex attraction in an open and honest way. The Church is blessed to have people who are willing to share their stories in the hope that others won’t feel alone in theirs."

Mike Pilavachi, Soul Survivor 

"In a world where we’re increasingly told there are no sexual boundaries, I’m pleased that Living Out offers an alternative voice."

Matthew Porter, Vicar, The Belfrey (St. Michael le Belfrey), York 

"This website is a key and welcome resource in the search for a response to the debate on human sexuality which is both compassionate and clear.  People of many persuasions and backgrounds will benefit from engaging with the stories and wider material here."  

John Risbridger, Minister and Team Leader, Above Bar Church, Southampton & Chair, Keswick Ministries

"Living Out is a great resource and a great encouragement to faith. It opens up the reality known by so many who have chosen this difficult path, and speaks with compassion and love."

Dr Elaine Storkey, Academic, author and broadcaster

"I am so grateful for this website, with its personal and Biblically-balanced response to the issue of same sex attraction."

Revd Rico TiceSenior Minister (Evangelism), All Souls Church, London & Christianity Explored

"Openness and honesty, humility and faith are clearly to be found on this extraordinarily helpful site. I wholeheartedly recommend it and hope it will provide help and inspiration to many."

Terry Virgo, Founder, Newfrontiers

"The big lie is that we are defined by something other than Christ. I praise God for this courageous initiative by people seeking to be defined by Christ rather than by their sexual orientation."

Robin Weekes, Minister, Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon


Living Out has been made possible through the kind and generous gifts of money, expertise and time by numerous Christians, churches and organisations. We are grateful to them all.