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Living Out is committed to helping churches to support same-sex attracted Christians and to teach wisely and compassionately on sexuality. There are a number of things that we offer to churches:

  • We have a 10-point audit that leadership teams can work through to assess how well they are doing at being biblically inclusive, as well as highlighting areas to work on.
  • We run the Living Out Course with a mixture of personal stories, biblical teaching, practical application and Q&A.
  • We have a range of stories, videos and animations that you can download and show in your own church contexts to teach and inspire.
  • We have a podcast series designed specifically for church leaders.
  • We provide resources giving clear teaching on biblical sexuality, rooted in the gospel and framed by God's good creation and ultimate redemption.
  • We provide practical teaching on how to listen well and respond with pastoral sensitivity.
  • We are constantly developing new resources for churches which will appear here.

The Living Out Church Audit

The Church Audit is a tool designed to enable you to assess how biblically inclusive your church is and to make sure it is a community in which same-sex attracted and single Christians can thrive.

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The Living Out Course

The Living Out course has been running for six years. It is a time of biblical and practical teaching on sexuality, designed to equip churches to better help those who experience same-sex attraction to stay faithful to biblical teaching on sexual ethics and flourish at the same time.

The course offers a positive biblical vision and practical steps forward as we seek to model both grace and truth in our Christ-like love for all those who experience same-sex attraction

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Resources for church leaders


How Can Our Churches Support Christians Who Experience Same-Sex Attraction?

Articles | 5 mins

What Can Church Leaders Do To Help Same-sex Attracted Christians?

Articles | 3 mins

What Is Sexuality for?

Articles | 7 mins

The True Sexual Revolution

Articles | 7 mins

What Does it Mean to be a Truly Inclusive Church?

Articles | 6 mins

Why Should the Church Be Debating Homosexuality?

Articles | 3 mins

Why Can't Christians Agree to Differ?

Articles | 3 mins

You Will Never Be Ready

Blog | 3 mins

The Christian Debate Over Sexual Identity: Orientation And Labelling

Articles | 6 mins

Should A Church Start a Group for Same-Sex Attracted Members?

Articles | 4 mins

Our Same-Sex Attraction Community Group

Articles | 2 mins

Teaching Purposeful Sexuality

Blog | 3 mins

More resources for church leaders