Church Leaders

The Living Out Course

This is the main in person training that we provide for church. It's a half day of biblical and practical teaching on sexuality, designed to equip churches to understand and enjoy God’s purpose for sexuality, to be good places for those who experience same-sex attraction and to engage with our culture’s approach to sexuality.

It is normally led by two or three members of the Living Out team, who will share their insight and stories as same-sex attracted Christians who hold to biblical teaching on sexual ethics.

Those planning to attend should recognise that the teaching will be in line with the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith and its biblical and pastoral position with respect to homosexuality, summarised in these affirmations.

What happens on the course?

The event normally consists of three one-hour sessions (with breaks in between) and features talks, interviews and plenty of opportunity for questions. Occasionally we do evening versions of the course where the material is contracted into two sessions.

The typical sessions that normally make up the course are:

Session Purpose
The Bible and Sexuality A Bible overview on the subject of sexuality and marriage, showing God’s purpose for sex and why it is good news - even for those who are single and/or same-sex attracted.
Engaging the Culture We consider how to answer the big questions that the culture is raising about the purpose of sex.
A biblical vision for church Practical steps for churches to take to better welcome and disciple people who experience same-sex attraction.
Interviews & question time Each of the team members will share something of their story and there will be plenty of opportunity to submit questions.


Who is it for?

The course is open to all church members. It is sometimes possible to add a meeting specifically for church leaders around the time of the event - just let us know if that would be useful.


What are participants saying about it?

'Fantastic day…Thank you.'

'Great to hear from those that have walked the walk and are working out their salvation.'

'There was good pace and balance through a very useful day.'

'Superb training day that far exceeded my expectations.'

'It has been EXCELLENT. Thank you.'

'[Most helpful were] the honest and open explanations from those living with same-sex attraction in a church context. It is really helpful to hear what is helpful and supportive for someone living to honour God.'

'Your whole approach. Sound on the Bible but also personal testimonies and nuanced approach was very helpful. Your willingness to be vulnerable and your authenticity.'

'Superb foundation for helping church leaders pastor people who are same-sex attracted and equipping the church to do so too.'


Book or host a course

You can book on an existing course on our events page, or contact the team about hosting a Living Out Course for churches in your area.