Steadfast Day Conferences

23 April, 30 April, 21 May, 18 June

Our friends at True Freedom Trust are hosting four day conferences around the UK in the next few months.

In recent memory, it has never been harder to hold to a biblical sexual ethic. Those that do face opposition from all sides, both inside and outside of the church. The prevailing culture now teaches that the cost of discipleship in this area is so great that it’s harmful.

Our faith and our sexualities are two of the most personal parts of our lived experience. Some may feel worn out that the way they have chosen to reconcile the two is the subject of such intense scrutiny. Others may now be seriously doubting the truth or goodness of the Bible’s teaching.

King David was one man who knew a thing or two about facing opposition. These day conferences will focus on three of his Psalms, and will remind us of God’s goodness as we remain steadfast in Him.


  • Talk 1: Steadfast in our Waiting (Psalm 27)
  • Talk 2: Steadfast in our Wanting (Psalm 28)
  • Talk 3: Steadfast in our Worship (Psalm 29)

Dates and locations

  • Edinburgh, 23 April 2022
  • Belfast, 30 April 2022
  • Merseyside, 21 May 2022
  • London, 18 June 2022


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