Pastoral Support: Caring for Same-sex Attracted Teens (Youth Leaders' Crash Course #5)

The Living Out Team
Podcasts 38 mins

In this show we discuss how to support young people who are experiencing same-sex attraction or questioning their sexuality. We look at how to understand the young person's experience and how to respond when they come out to you.

In the second half of the episode we look at how we disciple and offer ongoing support to young people who are struggling with their sexuality.

Discussion questions

  • Has there been a time when you have had to share something deeply personal with someone else? Were you uncertain or afraid about how they might respond? What about those experiences might help us to respond well to teens who come out to us?
  • How have we responded to teens who have come out to us in the past? What can we learn from these experiences?
  • How are we discipling our teens on an ongoing basis? What else could we do?

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