Can We Remain Silent?

Ed Shaw 2 weeks ago
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Here in the UK, the Church of England Evangelical Council (founded back in the 1960s by the late, great John Stott) is taking the lead in calling out silence amongst evangelicals when it comes to talking about the beauty of Christian sexual ethics.1

If you need to persuade yourself – or others – that your church needs to start talking openly about different experiences of sexuality, then have a watch of this film:

It’s just the beginning of a series – the next helps churches think about how they can begin the conversation.

Here at Living Out we have our own resources that seek to encourage people to break the conspiracy of silence there can often be. Here’s some encouragement from me:

Why Should the Church Be Debating Homosexuality?

And here are some wise words, from across the pond, by the wonderful Greg Coles:

You Will Never Be Ready

  1. Declaration of interest: I serve as a Co-Chair of the Church of England Evangelical Council.