What we're about

We want: 

  • To help Christian brothers and sisters who experience same-sex attraction stay faithful to Biblical teaching on sexual ethics and flourish at the same time.
    So we’ve set up this website, speak at churches and conferences, and have written books, to show how you can be same-sex attracted and thrive as a Christian at the same time.

  • To help the Christian Church understand how they can better help those who experience same-sex attraction to flourish.
    So we have run training events for bible college students and existing church leaders to encourage and equip them to build more biblically faithful and compassionate churches where all are encouraged to be more Christ-like regardless of their sexuality and where homophobia is not tolerated.

  • To help the wider world hear and understand that there is more than just one viable script for those who are same-sex attracted.
    So we’ve shared our stories at public events, on-line and via the media to communicate that many same-sex attracted Christians are both happy in their sexuality and the Bible’s teaching on same-sex sexual relationships.

To achieve this we are wanting to work in partnership with local churches and complement the work of organisations like the True Freedom Trust who offer biblical support and encouragement to Christians who experience same-sex attraction.

This is all reflected in our charitable objects as a UK charity (No. 1165572).

Our charitable objects:

For the public benefit, the advancement of the evangelical Christian religion and Christian principles of love, acceptance, compassion and understanding, in particular, but not exclusively by:

  • Encouraging evangelical congregations to welcome and accept same sex attracted individuals and provide them with pastoral support.
    For example hear Ed speaking on this here.
  • Repudiating all attitudes and actions which victimise or diminish people whose affections are directed towards people of the same sex.
    For example see our article here.
  • Providing pastoral support and advice in relation to biblical teachings on human sexuality assisting same sex attracted Christians reconcile their sexuality with the teachings of the Bible.
    For example the Finding Intimacy event