Women's Day Conference "My Beloved, my Friend"

26 February 2022

This one day conference is aimed at Christian women who experience same-sex temptations. The event is open to members of TFT. Family, friends, church leaders and youth workers are very welcome and will be asked to join the membership when booking.


The venue is in central London and will be released when booking is completed.


Saturday 26 February


Starts at 10am

Teaching will be led by Jeanette Howard, who writes:

“How is your beloved better than others?” asks the friends of the Shulamite in the fifth chapter of Song of Songs. Without a moment’s consideration, the woman lists detailed characteristics of her lover. Beginning with his overall complexion she catalogues, from head to toe, all that sets him apart from every other man, concluding with, “This is my beloved, this is my friend.” How would we answer that question? Can we reel off a list of Jesus’ attributes that not only enthrals and excites, but also nurtures a lifelong commitment to Him? Dipping into Song of Songs, Jeanette will explore some of the ways we can retain our first love commitment to Jesus and show how increased intimacy with Him enables the believer to choose a life of long-term faithfulness.

Jeanette Howard Bio

Jeanette Howard was a self-identifying lesbian in a committed relationship until she encountered Christ and the reality of a relationship with God. Jeanette’s life changed forever. Thirty-seven years later, she readily admits that it is only an ever-deepening intimacy with the Father and with Jesus that maintains her life as a single and celibate woman.

Jeanette shares biblical truth illustrated by her own experiences at churches, seminars, and conferences around the world. She works regularly alongside the ministry, Living Out, and has also recently been interviewed in podcasts for True Freedom Trust, for the past two years. Jeanette is the author of three books.

Jeanette’s fantasy is to grow old (and probably mad) surrounded by animals somewhere in the countryside.

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