About us

Who we are


Leading the team is: Ed Shaw 


Ed is the Pastor of Emmanuel City Centre in Bristol and is the author of The Plausibility Problem (published in the US as Same-Sex Attraction and the Church) and Purposeful Sexuality.  

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Resource and Research Manager  

Co-ordinating the website is: Anne Witton 


Anne is involved in the leadership of her local church and our partner ministry True Freedom Trust.  

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Writing and speaking for us: Andrew Bunt  


Andrew is an assistant pastor at King's Church Hastings and Bexhill and is the author of Who In Heaven's Name Do You Think You Are?: Exploring Your Identity In Christ.

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Operations and admin  

Making sure everything works smoothly are: Simon & Hannah


Keeping us accountable are: Helen, Rosie & Keith  


There at the beginning and still supporting us:  

Sam Allberry   

Sam works as a pastor and an apologist, and is the author of various books, including Is God Anti-Gay?

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Sean Doherty 

Sean teaches Christian ethics and is the author of The Only Way is Ethics

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Living Out is a UK Charity (No. 1165572) with trustees. We are also advised by a wider support group of same-sex attracted Christians and other friends.