About us

Who we are


Leading the team is: Ed Shaw 


Ed is the Pastor of Emmanuel City Centre in Bristol and is the author of The Plausibility Problem (published in the US as Same-Sex Attraction and the Church) and Purposeful Sexuality.  

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Resource and Research Manager  

Co-ordinating the website is: Anne Witton 


Anne is involved in the leadership of her local church and our partner ministry True Freedom Trust.  

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Writing and speaking for us: Andrew Bunt  


Andrew is an assistant pastor at King's Church Hastings and Bexhill and is the author of Who In Heaven's Name Do You Think You Are?: Exploring Your Identity In Christ.

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New post: Training Director  

Living Out is looking to expand the team by appointing a two day a week Training Director ideally worked alongside a church ministry role.

We are looking for a gifted Bible teacher who is sympathetic and has understanding of the needs and experience of same-sex attracted Christians who are faithful to biblical teaching on sexuality and identity. They should be an able communicator with proven experience, knowledge and wisdom capable of equipping churches and their leaders to teach and live out God’s word on sexuality and identity. This will not just be by hands on delivery but also through development of strategy and material to fulfil the needs of the church in this area. The role will also involve taking a lead on the pastoral support of staff and volunteers and being a godly example with a servant heart, seeking to live a life of Christ-like integrity –especially in their own God-given identity, sexuality, gender and relationships.

There is an occupational requirement for the post holder to a be a committed Christian in full support of the Evangelical Alliance’s Basis of Faith and their Affirmations - found in their 2012 report 'Biblical and pastoral responses to homosexuality'.

For a job description please email info@livingout.org. Application required in the form of curriculum vitae and covering letter by 8 March 2021.

Operations and admin  

Making sure everything works smoothly are: Simon & Hannah


Keeping us accountable are: Helen & Keith  


There at the beginning and still supporting us:  

Sam Allberry   

Sam works as a pastor and an apologist, and is the author of various books, including Is God Anti-Gay?

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Sean Doherty 

Sean teaches Christian ethics and is the author of The Only Way is Ethics

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Living Out is a UK Charity (No. 1165572) with trustees. We are also advised by a wider support group of same-sex attracted Christians and other friends.