Belonging - TfT Women's Conference 2023

Saturday 25 February 2023

Our friends at True Freedom Trust (TfT) are hosting a women's conference in February 2023.

Who’s in? Belonging like Jesus

As Christians, we are called to follow Jesus and to become more Christ-like. What does that look like when it comes to belonging?

What did belonging look like for Jesus? How did Jesus belong and not belong during His time on Earth? What does belonging look like for us? How might we belong and not belong during our earthly pilgrimage? What can we learn from Jesus’s approach to belonging?

There will be two 40-minute talks with time to discuss them afterwards.

Talk 1: What was Jesus’s experience of belonging before and after His time on Earth and what does that mean for us?

As God the Son, Jesus has had the deepest sense of belonging anyone could ever have since before the beginning of time. He enjoys that belonging with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit today. When He returns, He will take all His followers to be with Him as part of His bride for all eternity. Even the best experiences of belonging we have now are mere shadows of what we will experience then.

Talk 2: How did Jesus belong during His time on Earth and what does that mean for us?

Jesus’ life on Earth had aspects of belonging and marginalisation. That is true for us as well. What can we learn from Jesus about how to approach both belonging and experiences of marginalisation well?

Who is this for?

Although Jesus’s invitation to belong is for all people, we aim this event at women who experience same-sex attraction and who seek to hold to a traditional biblical sexual ethic, and also for those sisters in Christ who walk alongside them. To enable everyone to feel safe to share, you need to be a member of TFT to come.

About the speaker

Nat is originally from the south, but has lived in the north of England for over 80% of her life and, therefore, considers herself a northerner. She is so grateful to have found TFT which feels like family to her. Nat enjoys board games, stories and spending time with friends (particularly if that involves board games).


  • Date: Saturday 25 February 2023
  • Time: 10am
  • Location: Central Birmingham

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