Webinar for Church Leaders

Thursday 6th July 2023

For our third webinar for church leaders we'll be joined by Anne Witton, who will talk us through some of the benefits and challenges of being single, and how churches can best support people who are single for a whole variety of reasons. She'll speak from her own experience of being same-sex attracted, single and celibate, sharing the things that have helped her most in her walk with Jesus over the years. As part of the event, there will be time for Q&A.

Anne is a missionary in Newcastle and Gateshead, and has a Philosophy degree and an MA in Contemporary Missiology. Anne became a Christian as a student and loves to help others know life in all its fullness in Jesus. She is happily single and loves Christian community, books and playing her ukulele.

Living Out is delighted to be bringing you this webinar, and it is open to all Christians. While there are opportunities on the day to ask questions about what the Bible teaches in this area, those speaking are committed to the Evangelical Alliance's biblical and pastoral position with respect to homosexuality, summarised in these affirmations.

1-2pm, Thursday 6th July. Sign up below.