Meet the Authors #1 - Andrew Bunt

Andrew Bunt
Podcasts 36 mins
Found in: Identity

For this episode, we’re chatting to Andrew Bunt. Andrew is part of the leadership team at King’s Church Hastings and Bexhill and is also a speaker and writer with Living Out. He studied theology at Durham University and King’s College London, specialising in biblical studies and biblical languages. He loves helping people to understand and apply the Bible and loves wrestling with big cultural issues. He is the author of 'Who in Heaven’s Name Do You Think You Are?' (Charis Books, 2014).

In this interview we explore his story as he sought to reconcile his faith and his sexuality. He covers coming out, forming views on what the Bible says about homosexuality, wrestling with the implications of biblical teaching, issues of identity and emotional dependency and advice on how we can do better to nuture godly intimacy.

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