LGBT+ Teenagers and Mental Health feat. Dr. Preston Sprinkle (Youth Leaders' Crash Course #7)

The Living Out Team
Podcasts 39 mins
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In the last episode of this series, Andrew and Ashleigh seek to understand the connection between LGBT+ and mental health and share some of their own experiences. They explore difficult issues like the social stress model, family rejection and incidences of suicide.

There are plenty of practical tips on supporting young people who wrestle with mental ill health and they show how the Christian gospel both makes sense of suffering and offers hope in the midst of it.

There is also an interview with Dr. Preston Sprinkle from the Center For Faith, Sexuality & Gender.

Discussion questions

For the episode:

  • Do we have a good understanding of the main mental health issues our teens might be struggling with? (depression, anxiety, low self-esteem/self worth, self harm, eating disorders, suicidality, shame, addiction, etc.) If not, what’s our next step in learning?
  • How can we provide a safe environment for teens to be honest about their pain/struggles?
  • What practical things/resources should we put in place to equip us as a team and any youth who need help? (eg member of Ashleigh’s youth team did a bunch of research and created a brief document explaining various mental health problems and providing resources for helping with each)

For the series:

  • What are your key takeaways?
  • What should we continue to pray about?
  • What’s your priority to do next? 

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