Podcast Series: Questions No One Wants To Answer

The Living Out Team 1 year ago
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As we look back over the past year, the Living Out podcast continues to be one of our most popular resources. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be featuring each of the podcast series we've released in 2022.

In our third podcast series, we tackled some of the most difficult questions that we get asked.

We talked about the ethical and theological implications of each, as well as pastoral and practical responses. Our aim is to compassionately equip others to wrestle with tough questions rather than avoid them, and to come to a greater confidence in the goodness of God's plan for sexuality.

We also link to plenty of other resources to help listeners explore the questions further.

If you missed the series the first time around, you can find all the episodes on your usual podcast platform (including Spotify and Apple Podcasts) or via the links below.

Should Conversion Therapy Be Banned? (Questions No One Wants To Answer #1) 

Should I Call Myself Gay? (Questions No One Wants To Answer #2)

Should I Go to a Gay Wedding? (Questions No One Wants To Answer #3)

Is Same-sex Attraction Inherently Sinful? (Questions No One Wants To Answer #4) 

Does Christian Teaching Cause LGBT Mental Health Problems? (Questions No One Wants To Answer #5)

Why Am I Gay? (Questions No One Wants To Answer #6) 

All our podcasts can be found on the podcast page.