Calling All Youth Leaders

Andrew Bunt 2 weeks ago
Blog 2 mins
Found in: Church

Anyone who interacts with teenagers today will know that sexuality, gender and identity are huge topics for them. And anyone engaging with teenagers in a Christian context will know that often the biggest questions young people today have about faith are related to experiences of sexuality and gender.

Here at Living Out, we want to help teenagers and those who serve them to wrestle with the big questions they have about faith, sexuality and gender, and we want to help them see the goodness of God's plan for these aspects of human experience. That's why this month we've added a new section to our website and we're launching a new initiative for youth leaders.

As well as our existing Church Leaders area, we now have a Youth Leaders area on our website. This is a great starting point for youth leaders looking for some help on these topics and includes a page of resources we've picked out as particularly helpful for those working with young people.

We're also launching the Living Out Youth Leader Network. This is a brand new initiative designed to equip youth leaders on questions of faith and sexuality. Members of the Network will receive updates in both written and video formats that highlight useful resources and events, and which will also share news about the Network as it grows and develops.

Those who join the Network are invited to submit to us the questions that they and the young people they serve have and we will discuss some of these in Q&A Discussion videos released exclusively to Network members. We've also set up a private Instagram account where Network members can follow us for all the latest updates.

The Network is completely free to join, so if you're a youth leader, why not head over to the Youth Leader Network page right now and sign up? If you're not a youth leader but you know someone who is, why not share this blog with them or tell them to take a look at