About Us

What we're about

Our vision

We want to see Christians living out their sexuality and identity in ways that enable all to flourish in Christ-like faithfulness. 

Our mission

We encourage Christians, equip churches, and engage the world with God’s plan for sexuality and identity.

Our aims

We want to: 

  1. Encourage our Christian sisters and brothers – especially those who experience same-sex attraction – to flourish through faithfulness to biblical teaching on sexuality and identity.
  2. Equip churches and their leaders to more effectively teach and live out God’s word on sexuality and identity so that we all flourish in response to how he both comforts and challenges us all.
  3. Engage the wider world with God’s better story for human flourishing in which all our questions and desires about sexuality and identity are best met in him.

To achieve this we work in partnership with local churches and complement the work of organisations like True Freedom Trust who offer biblical support and encouragement to Christians who experience same-sex attraction.

This is all reflected in our charitable objects as a UK charity (No. 1165572).

Our charitable objects

For the public benefit, the advancement of the evangelical Christian religion and Christian principles of love, acceptance, compassion and understanding, in particular, but not exclusively by:

  • Encouraging evangelical congregations to welcome and accept same-sex attracted individuals and provide them with pastoral support.
    For example hear Ed speaking on this here.
  • Repudiating all attitudes and actions which victimise or diminish people whose affections are directed towards people of the same sex.
    For example see our article here.
  • Providing pastoral support and advice in relation to biblical teachings on human sexuality assisting same-sex attracted Christians to reconcile their sexuality with the teachings of the Bible.
    See the range of resources we provide here.