Meet the Authors #3 - Dani Treweek

Dani Treweek
Podcasts 32 mins

In this episode, we’re talking to Dani Treweek. Dani studied theology at Moore Theological College, before going on to spend 7 years in full time women’s ministry in Sydney, Australia. She has recently completed PhD research into a theological ethic of singleness and is passionate about equipping Christians to better understand God's good purposes for the single life. She is the chair of, is obsessed with the musical Les Miserables and rejoices in being an aunt.

Dani explains about her research into singleness in the church and unpacks some of the issues that we all need to think about in order to value and include single people in church life. She talks about how we can learn from historical Christian thinking that challenges our contemporary cultural blind spots and leads us into a richer understanding of God’s design for singleness, marriage and our sexualities.

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