A Helpful Conversation

Andrew Bunt 1 year ago
Blog 2 mins

What happens when a celibate same-sex attracted Christian and an Anglican priest in a gay relationship sit down to have a conversation? You might think it’s a recipe for disaster. Judging by conversations I’ve had and comments I’ve heard recently, most people think it would be.

But it could also provide the context for a robust, respectful and helpful discussion. And that, I think, is what happened when Charlie Bell and I recently had a conversation on a live episode of Premier Unbelievable?

In the episode chaired by Justin Brierley, Charlie and I discussed the Bible’s teaching on identity and sexuality, the nature of marriage, how the church should respond to LGB people, and whether sexuality is a matter on which Christians can agree to disagree. The conversation was followed by Q&A with questions submitted by the audience.

I found it a really helpful conversation and I’m grateful to Charlie for being up for taking part and to Justin for chairing so well.

You can watch our conversation below or find it on the Premier Unbelievable? podcast (Spotify; Apple podcasts).