Podcast Series: Explore Questions

The Living Out Team 2 years ago
Blog mins

In our second 2021 podcast series, we discussed our explore questions. The explore questions are the eight big-picture questions that we get asked most often. You can find them on our homepage.

For each episode in this series, we took one of the explore questions, discussing some key elements of an answer to each and highlighting other resources on the website that will help listeners to engage with the question.

If you missed the series the first time around, you can find all the episodes on your usual podcast platform (including Spotify and Apple Podcasts) or via the links below.

What Does God Really Say About Sexuality? (Explore Questions #1)

Isn’t the Christian Sexual Ethic Harmful and Repressive? (Explore Questions #2)

Christian + Same-Sex Attracted: Is It Doable? (Explore Questions #3)

Isn’t God Being Unfair? (Explore Questions #4)

Is It Just Me? (Explore Questions #5)

How Important Is All This? (Explore Questions #6)

Will I Ever Feel at Ease With Myself and My Sexuality? (Explore Questions #7)

Is Living Out Just a Bunch of Crazy People? (Explore Questions #8)

All our podcasts can be found on the podcast page.