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Will I Ever Feel at Ease With Myself and My Sexuality?

One of the freeing things that we learn when we come to Christ is that we’re not defined by our sexuality. Who we are attracted to isn’t everything about us, or even the most important thing about us. When we accept the new life that Jesus offers, we also get a new identity. We become children of God. We are chosen, accepted, dearly loved, made alive, delighted in. We are forgiven for the things we’ve done wrong in the past and the things that we continue to do wrong. God’s love is able to reach and heal our deepest wounds.

We may continue to experience same-sex attraction, but we don’t need to hang our heads in shame and despondency. All Christians continue to struggle with temptation, but the Holy Spirit is willing and able to help us stand up to it. God’s Spirit is now living inside of us and is powerfully able to help us live for Christ in the midst of all the competing feelings we have, and all the difficult situations we find ourselves in.

On this site, you will encounter stories of many Christians who have come to a place of peace with themselves about their sexuality because they’ve found a truer and more liberating identity in Christ.

‘See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!’
1 John 3:1